Update: Will Spurs Stadium be Ready in Time?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 16: An aerial view as work continues on Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium at White Hart Lane on July 16, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)

Spurs stadium is almost complete, as it looms over N17. However, the construction team are still applying the finishing touches  Nevertheless, the club have announced some test matches in order to prepare for the opening of the new arena.

Will Spurs Stadium be Ready in Time?

Innocence and Experience

The academy and then an assemblage of Spurs legends against Bayern Munich’s legends team will be the first two opening fixtures. These matches will occur on the 27th of August and the 1st of September respectively with 2 pm kick-offs. This is a nice touch by the club, who will allow both the upcoming talent and the previous legends to be the first to sample the turf. In terms of attendance caps, there has been no further announcement. The club are selling tickets via a ballot, as per a European cup match. They will be passing any revenue onto charity.

By the arranging of these fixtures, it would indeed suggest that the stadium should be ready by the Liverpool match on the 15th of September. However, it is not yet clear if the club will be playing the second Premier League match at the new Tottenham stadium.


An entire year at Wembley is enough for most of the Spurs fan base. By playing another match there, it will not cause too much disgruntlement. However, if this new Spurs stadium isn’t soon complete it could cause a growing wave of discontentment. This is because it will couple with the current tensions over transfer activity. Time is running out to make moves on the market and Levy is coming under increasing flak. But just like making a new signing, the stadium must meet the correct standard before its opening. Thus, the impatience of fans may seeth and boil all it likes. The bottom line is time and patience is needed to make sure this brand new stadium is worth its £1bn price tag.

New Era

Despite the potential delays in construction, the announcement of the test matches is positive news. As the official club website points out, this is a great chance for fans to get themselves used to the new stadium and its new dynamics. It tests things like matchday security and half-time food and drinks services. Hopefully, the club will price these events respectfully, allowing the full range of Spurs supporters to attend. Therefore, this will be a great chance for all fans to get settled into their new matchday routine.

Even if the delays do indeed continue, these test matches may allow some extra time from any impatient fans. Clearly, the main building work of the stadium is complete. The hold up is now merely the final parts of infrastructure such as electricity and other amenities. Being able to open the stadium, even with a portion of the whole attendance, will show that it is so tantalisingly close to opening at a Premier League match.


Spurs fans still have a little longer to wait, for both the new stadium and any new signings to fill it. However, with two test matches on the horizon, this bodes well for the opening of the club’s new home. Finally, fans will be able to walk along High Road and past all the familiar sights and shops before their brand new shining stadium.

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