Tottenham Transfers Will Come Says Pochettino

Tottenham Transfers
TOTTENHAM, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 11: Manager Mauricio Pochettino (L) and chairman Daniel Levy on stage at the Tottenham Hotspur Fans Forum on December 11, 2017 in Tottenham, England. (Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)

Mauricio Pochettino renewed his contract until 2021, signifying he still has plans to take the club further. However, only proper financial backing in the form of Tottenham transfers can achieve this goal. The club still lacks at least a couple of world-class players to take the final step to win some silverware. This transfer window has been frustrating and disappointing for most Spurs fans so far. But, in a recent interview, he called for patience, promising to make carefully considered moves.

Pochettino Says Tottenham Transfers Will Come

Fast-Lane Market

One of the key issues that Pochettino revealed was the fast-paced deals occurring so soon after the World Cup. Indeed, many deals have gone ahead based on the performances of the players involved. Take Cristiano Ronaldo‘s earth-shattering transfer to Juventus which occurred just five days before the World Cup final. The fact that an international tournament was still on did not discourage such deals. It seems to be a now obsolete excuse. Instead, clubs quickly snap up the hottest players in demand.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t really seem to suit the transfer policy of Daniel Levy. He instead opts to make late deals. Fans hate it. There is Daniel, on transfer deadline day, in his slippers realising that he really should be making some deals before its too late. Whilst he runs the club under a strict budget, ensuring good profit margins, supporters criticise him for missing out on signing top players.

In some cases, this is because a player’s wages are far too excessive. Take the elusive Leandro Damiao or Joao Moutinho, for example. These were persistent targets for the club, but for many years either the transfer fee or the wages, or even both, got in the way of them becoming Tottenham transfers.

Quality Targets

Levy’s policy isn’t without its merits though. The benefit of patience is ensuring the best players are found. This is so long as this patience doesn’t mean leaving it until transfer deadline day. There needs to be a balance between waiting to find the right player and pouncing on them.

The major issue occurs when targets are quickly secured by other clubs and then Spurs are left with the third or fourth choice player for a position. Thus, Levy really must get his chequebook out and secure the best players that the manager wants to buy.

Marquee Signing

The club could brilliantly reveal the new stadium with a big new signing. In fact, the club really needs one. Spurs have some super talents at the club, but they still need more. The last few seasons have seen the club come close to glory but still short of it. Purchasing Gareth Bale, for example, would be a top move. But, this is just a mere example.

The player needs to be well known, top class and be able to excite fans. Most importantly, this needs to be a player that Pochettino can make use of. Far too often Levy has bought in a player who isn’t really what the manager first sought after. Instead, he needs to ensure his manager gets exactly what he needs.

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